Going Green

A lot has already been said with regard to living a healthy life, choosing environment-friendly products, etc. Go green! This is the unmistakable battle cry of Mother Earth’s defenders, who are most of the time viewed with some sense of contempt by people who could only care less. However, beneath all the rhetoric and discourse on environmental protection is the sad truth about the planet’s condition, and your contribution, as well as your inevitable downfall along with it. After all, Earth serves as everyone’s host, and if it is going nowhere, it would definitely take all of us along.

Go Green: How to Begin

You could help not just the environment, but also yourself, by focusing on your household first. We need to start somewhere, and the proverbial cleaning of your own backyard would be the easiest and most logical thing to do. You could always begin by analyzing your carbon footprint. How much of the world’s current environmental chaos have you contributed to? There are many factors to consider inside your home, and most of this would boil down to what you use on a daily basis and how they affect the environment as well as your health.

Green Light Bulb

Go Green Products

The next step in going green is to avoid using products that could prove to be toxic to your health, not just now but also in the long run. For example, you already know that using microwavable containers are the way to go for enjoying those leftovers. Investing on a solar panel means less energy consumption which leads to reduced utility bills. Gravity-based water filters could provide you with a good supply of drinking water without having to plug it to an electric socket. These are just some examples of household items that you could modify to suit the environment-friendly revolution of your home.

Be Kind to Mother Nature

While the main reason for your decision to go green is to support the preservation of whatever natural resources we have left, it also pays to see it from the perspective of your family’s welfare. As such, not only are you adjusting your daily routine and reducing your carbon footprint because of some ideology that has been forced upon you. Instead, you see yourself and your household forming part of a bigger picture which demonstrates the unavoidable interconnectedness of the world to which we belong.

Be Kind to Your Body

Most importantly on this subject are the chemicals that your body absorbs every single day. Your skin is your biggest organ and it absorbs toxins all day long if you are using name brand laundry detergent. These are all full of carcinogens which are cancer causing. Deodorants, soaps, cleaning products, perfumes, fabric softeners and just about any store bought product in your home is toxic. Think about it, they all have warnings and SAFETY CAPS. They are telling you that it is poison. This is why all these kids today have allergies, respiratory problems and even hormone disruptors. If you did a little research, you would be appalled like I was. It’s time to clean out your house and save the health of everyone in your family especially if you have children.

Tree Hugger

Once you realize how toxic everyday products are like Jay Midolo has, you probably would like to clean out the bad and bring in the good. Jay will share with you where he gets his non toxic, biodegradable products that have no safety caps. The are all natural. Simply email him and he will be happy to help the health and well being of you and your family. jay@mlmbuildyourfuture.com

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