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Our natural environment consists of several things which include some natural elements which are indispensable to our living on earth. In course of survival, we have also created a lot of things that have crucial effects on our lifestyle. So, saving the environment is a lot more important than we even think of it. Saving the environment means to do good to both the natural elements, such as water, air, trees, etc. and manmade things and phenomena, such as food, electricity, rubbish, pollution, etc. If we really want to save the environment, we have to ensure that we take care of all these things.

Saving the natural elements:

Have you thought how important water, air and trees are for us? Maybe, you already know that these are elements which cost us almost nothing, but help us stay alive and enjoy the life. So, you should start doing something to protect these elements from contamination that poses a real threat upon mankind.

Conserving as much water as possible:

  • Turn the water tap off while you brush. This way, you can contribute to save at least 2-3 liters of usable water each day alone from brushing your teeth.
  • Collect rainwater to keep your trees and plants healthy all the way during summertime.
  • Share your everyday bath with your family members if possible. Frankly speaking, you can try to cut down your regular shower time by 2-3 minutes each day.
  • Try to take no baths in some days and take only showers during those days.
  • Consider using bottled water as many times as possible.
  • Do not run the dishwasher until it gets full.
  • Use a bucket of water and sponges to wash your car and take hose to rinse it.
  • Cover your pool when not in use, so you can stop evaporation.


Saving the air that we breathe in:

  • Use a low-polluting vehicle or consider buying a zero-emission car.
  • Take a walk or ride a bike or use public transport to reduce the frequency of driving cars.
  • Maintain your car more often than not.
  • Avoid smoking and prevent others from smoking.
  • Insulate your residence and encourage your neighbors.
  • Ensure that your factory emits the least possible smoke and fume.

Using electricity as smartly as possible:

  • Turn all your home appliances on just when you use and turn them off when your usage comes to an end.
  • Boil just the amount of water you need.
  • Do not pre-heat any appliance unless you use them.
  • Buy electronic products with energy efficiency certification or logo imprinted on them.
  • Use Photovoltaic Solar Panels to harness the abundant energy provided by the sun. Remember that the sun’s energy is renewable and will never run out. So, utilize what our Creator has given us.

Eating consciously:

  • Eat as many organic food items as possible, so you can help reduce the use of harmful chemicals.
  • Try to cook just the amount of food you need at a certain meal.
  • Do not throw food wastes or additional amount of food anywhere. Prepare your own wormery and give the food wastes or additional items to the worms which will, in turn, grow into healthy compost. Use that compost for your flower and vegetable garden.
  • Try to avoid eating meat as many times in a month as you can.


Finally, abiding by the elaboration of TREES:

Nowadays, steps to save rainforests and the environment have been taken on a larger scale all over the world. TREES, the abbreviation of those steps, can be combined as a whole. Let’s know about the steps.

  • Teach global people about the practical significance of the natural environment and the ways to save rainforests.
  • Restore the already damaged ecosystems by ensuring tree plantation on a broader scale on land areas which have experienced deforestation at a severe level.
  • Encourage others to lead a lifestyle that does not affect the environment negatively.
  • Establish parks and ecological surroundings to save wildlife and protect rainforests.
  • Support companies or donate to those agencies that work to minimize ecological damages and save the environment.

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